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Friday, April 23, 2021

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Blum resides on the idea that gender behavior is developed mainly through adolescence and societal expectations of a gender. Based on reference from personal experiences to back her argument up, Blum explains that each individual develops their expected traits as they grow up, while she also claims that genes and testosterones also play a role into establishing the differentiation of gender behavior. Whereas, Devor focuses mainly on the idea that gender behavior is portrayed mainly among two different categories: masculinity and femininity, the expectation that society has put upon male and female disregarding any biological traits. It is very clear that the mother holds a reputation to such a standard that it could determine the overall quality of a woman and her life. We will start out by examining the problems that occur during the relationship development between a mother and a daughter at a young age.
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Besides, the theory postulates that the learning process is achieved through role imitations, attitudes as well as the anticipated outcomes Bandura, In other words, individual learning abilities are enhanced through simulations, scrutiny and role enhancements. Through observation, individuals can easily create new behavior, which inform future actions. Generally, the theory provides an explanation for human behavior in relation to incessant interactive reciprocation between ecological, cognitive and conductive influences.
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Comparison Of Erikson And Bandura Theories Psychology Essay

Social Psychological Theories of Aggression Social learning theorists propose that behaviour, such as aggression is learnt through observation, imitation and behaviour shaping. This behaviour is learnt automatically through observation of male and female role models, for example parents, peers and media characters. Whether or not this behaviour is imitated depends on the type of reinforcement that the role model receives. Vicarious reinforcement involves the outcome.
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In: Philosophy and Psychology. The question forcing the executives in organization is that how organization can make these training programs more effective. It means that individual makes the organizational performance better by utilizing their knowledge and skills consequently organization offers training for development of its employee performance to achieve required goals. This study highlights the importance and applications of learning theories and how these theories could prove to be of most effective in trainings. As training are only effective if it promote learning.
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